So, you want to start a blog? Great idea!

But…confused how to get started? I know starting a blog is terrifying.

Because there is so much info about that, and everybody is telling you different things. But,

I’m glad you’re here!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to create your own blog step-by-step. (No technical experience is required). Because I have got everything covered you need to start your blog.

So, be confident and start your blogging journey in simple steps!

Start Your Blog in 5 Simple Steps

  1. First, choose the topic you want to blog about.
  2. Choose your domain name, blogging platform and hosting.
  3. Learn about your blogging platform.
  4. Design your website, make it attractive and create important pages.
  5. Do important settings and publish high-quality blog post.

What is a Blog?

A blog is just like your journal or diary. More precisely, a platform through which you can share your thoughts, your passion, your research, anything you want to share with the World.

Advantages of Blogging

There are 100s of reason to start a blog, but some bold ones are:

  • It helps you to express yourself.
  • You’ll learn many new unbelievable things.
  • More exposure to your business.
  • Build Trust.
  • Make Money.
  • You’ll become a good thinker.
  • People will inspire.

Curious to start a blog? Let’s Dive in!

How to start a blog

How to Start a Blog: Beginners Guide

Starting a blog is not rocket science, it is simple to set up a blog.

1. Choose Topic You want to Blog About

You need a clear vision, on which topic you want to work on your blog.

In choosing a blog topic, I recommend you to choose something you’re interested in, you’re passionate about. Before you set up a blog, lock the topic you love. Why?

choose blog topic

Because the topic you’re passionate about, you know very well about, you have grip on that topic and which will provide more value in your content and never get you bored. As you’re passionate about the topic, you will continue learning.

So, if you have a clear vision, great! If not then no problem select from some of these broad topics:

  • Business.
  • Sports.
  • Education.
  • Gaming.
  • Parenting.
  • Health.
  • Internet Related Stuff (such as Blogging, SEO, programming etc.).
  • Products reviews (Online or Offline).
  • History.
  • News (All types).
  • Family.
  • Travel.
  • Technology.
  • Myths.
  • Fashion.
  • Celebrity.
  • Photography.
  • Music.
  • Cooking.
  • Quotes.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Stories (Motivational, Lesson).
  • Entertainment.
  • Car.
  • Food.
  • Animals.

Note: These are some topic there are millions of topic you can choose for your blog.

Doesn’t matter whatever you choose, just be consistent, because blogging is like planting a tree, it takes time to grow.

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2. Choose a Domain Name

People often seem to be confusing when it’s come to choosing a domain name. If you’re starting a personal blog then your name is best for your domain.

Choosing for the brand? Keep it simple, attractive. You can also refer to your friends or family for recommendations.

Choose Domain

Things to consider when choosing a domain name:

  • An extension doesn’t really matter in SEO it is just a myth, but it’s very few times matters in memorizing because many people think of .com mostly.
  • Don’t use company’s brand names. It may cause you copyright issue.
  • Avoid using numbers, hyphens in a domain, because it’s hard to remember.
  • The domain name you choose should be simple, clear, and pronounceable and related (not necessary).

Don’t overthink, just choose the name, and start working!

How much domain costs?

It will cost you around $10/year. (But it can be Free for you.)


3. Choosing a Platform 

What platform should I use for blogging?

It is the question which confuses many people. There are many platforms, you can choose, but most people I saw confused between WordPress and Blogger. Why?

Many bloggers confuse, as Blogger is owned by Google, so it will provide more value in search engines (myth). Also, they think blogger doesn’t provide features, which WordPress provides (Wrong).

Blogger has all the features which bloggers need, for SEO and all the related stuff. But you have to do things manually as compared to WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the famous CMS in an online world, which powers around 28% of the website online.

Choosing WordPress is a smart choice because it has many options which can save your time and efficiency both. All the things on WordPress are ready in form of themes and plugins, you have to just edit it according to your own will.

Also, if stuck somewhere there are many people to help you.

Whether you are doing blog personally or for business WordPress is best.

Note: We’ll be using, not, means we’ll self-host our blog.

Why we aren’t using Because:

  • It only provides basic features for free.
  • You can’t use your own theme.
  • You can’t connect your own custom domain name.
  • If you want full power and features then it costs $99 per year, even after paying we didn’t get server access.

What If we use

  • All features free, only hosting charges. For self-host BlueHost is best.
If you’re new to SEO, then learn and understand What SEO is? As It helps to grow Traffic.

4. Hosting Your Blog

Your entire blog is based on your host, so it should be best. Hosting enables users to access your blog from anywhere in the world.

You need two things host and domain to make your blog live. It is the hard-and-fast rule to have both. There are many hosting services available.

But, I recommend BlueHost, because they are good at their work, and WordPress officially recommend them.

However, if you think it’s not good, and choosing other hosts then must check its server response time and other features.

The best response time recommended by Google is under 200ms for best loading time.


Start your blog with BlueHost

First, go on BlueHost

  • Click on the “Get Started” button

Start your blog on Bluehost

  • Then, select your desired Package, recommended is to choose plus package.

bluehost plus package in blog

  • Now, enter your desired domain name, or connect if you have already bought from other sites.

select domain for blog

  • Now, fill your account information.

information on how to create a blog

  • Now, fill your package information, if you want to remain anonymous as a registrant of the domain then tick Domain Privacy Protection, otherwise, it’s not necessary. Site Backup Pro and Site lock Security is also not necessary, we can install a plugin for those. (Not recommended).
  • Also, put your payment information.

package on what are blogs used for

  • Then, choose the password for your account.
  • Now, For Installing WordPress, login to your admin panel.

login in your blog host

  • Now, click on Install WordPress.

install wordpress on blog

  • After that, select your domain you bought with Bluehost hosting or the one you already bought from somewhere else. Leave the directory window empty.
  • In the last step, Enter your site name, admin name (avoid using admin as username) and use a strong password, then click on install now.

successful blog started

Then, WordPress will automatically install in seconds, and you will get shortly get an email containing all your login credentials. Then, you can log in to your website admin panel at

5. Basic Learning of WordPress For Blogging

After you successfully log in you’ll see the following dashboard:

kids can make a blog

Here are basic things you should know about WordPress admin panel:

  • Dashboard: It is the page where you land after logging in.
  • Posts: In this section, you can create, view, edit, and update new blog posts.
  • Media: All images, PDFs, videos you’ve uploaded are here. Also, you can upload, delete media files here.
  • Pages: You can create, edit, update publish new and old pages.
  • Comments: All the comments readers leave will be shown up here.
  • Appearance: Here you can change, customize your theme settings.
  • Plugins: You can upload or delete new plugins here.
  • Users: You can add or remove new users, administrators, editors. Also, you can edit your profile in this section.
  • Tools: Some additional tools can be added here. You can skip this for now.
  • Settings: You can edit essential setting here for your blog. We’ll discuss the important thing later.

6. Designing Your Blog

The default theme is installed “Twenty Seventeen” or you selected the one if you like it then your work is done in this section. If not, then install your favorite one.

Start and Design Personal Blog

WordPress has thousands of great and optimized themes available for free.

Things to remember in mind when choosing a theme:

  • Simple and attractive.
  • Speed Optimized.
  • Secure.
  • Easy Customization.

Now, you’re thinking I have to check all themes one by one? [Ops].  A Big No, just check the reviews of the theme you like and go. More importantly, choose what you like and think your users will also like.

I mostly use StudioPress themes (Genesis Framework) on my WordPress blogs.

Note: Don’t change theme often, it gives a bad experience to readers.

You can change theme, by clicking on Appearance » Theme » Add New

how to make your own website

When you click on Add New, there you can choose many free themes or can upload theme by clicking on Upload Theme and upload the zip file.

how to make your own blog on wordpress

7. Setting Up Important Pages

Now, set up some important pages, before you public your blog:

  • About page. [Write what you’ll offer to your audience, what people will get from your blog? who you’re?]
  • Contact page.
  • Privacy policy page.
  • Terms of services page.
  • Disclosure page.

For this go to your WordPress admin panel i.e.
then to Page » Add New

how do you start a blog

8. Important Settings for Blog

  • Click on the Settings tab, default tab of General will open.

build a blog

  • Setting » Reading, here you can select front page, front page and feeds posts quantity.

build your own blog

  • Setting » Discussion, in this tab you can customize article, comment, and avatar settings.

how to create a bloghow to start a blog like a PRO

  • Setting » Permalinks, here we’ll change the permalink structure.

create your own blog

Now, I’m assuming that your blog is ready with pages, design and all the other important settings. So, you have to move towards next step i.e. speeding up WordPress. Because it’s not just ranking factor but also improve the user experience.

Next Steps

  1. Publish your first blogpost.
  2. Tips for Success Blogging in 2018
  3. How to Speed Up Your Blog
  4. Learn Search Engine Optimization

I think it would be easy for you to set up a blog (lucky you).

If by chance, you got stuck somewhere, leave a comment below or contact me.

Tip: Tip for this post is that, create an ‘ungussable admin username’ such as ‘pro-blogger’ means nobody can guess it, even your closest and give that username administrator rights. Why? For Security.

And, the username (most probably will be your name), you’re using for posting blog posts, give that username only editor rights. Because your username you use to publish a blog post is public.

So, if unfortunately, someone can hack that username so he wouldn’t get administrator rights. Why This? Because there are many who are trying to hack using the username.

Bottom Line:

Now, you’re done with blog settings, and now you’ve to move further i.e. working on Blog posts and further steps. Good luck!

How to grow Traffic on your Blog.

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